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Removing Negative Energy

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
― Mother Teresa

Soul attachments and release is a topic that is not discussed much. Yet it is real. It is included on this website because it definitely affects some people's health and well-being. Soul attachment occurs of one person who has usually passed on or died, finds its way inside the body of another living person. We realize that this phenomenon scares many people. However, it can be helpful to learn about things that seem frightening or strange.
Find out whether you are being affected by external sources of negative energy with an Energy Check. It can be done remotely.

If you are feeling low or are suffering with a physical problem of some kind, or even feel you are plagued by 'bad luck', then you could be affected by negative energy from an external source. These external sources can include entities (spirits), implants, negative energy sent from another person (whether intentionally or unintentionally) or geopathic stress - see below for a full explanation.

This energy check is the best way to begin your path to healing, now! Because if we have external forces sending us negative energy or draining our natural positive healing energy (whether through malice, their own survival or entirely unintentionally), this affects our ability to heal ourselves and the success of healing or therapy sessions as it continually affects the flow of energy through our bodies - thereby affecting our mind, body and spirit on many different levels.

For the presence of negative energy sources, entities and attachments, or healing, we need the full name (spelled correctly) of the person, place of birth, date, and time, address of the property to check and photo from head to toe of the person you would like us to check.  If you would like us to check a pet for attachments then please let us know your  pet's name. Please email us a photo of your pet. In the event that a clearing needs to be done, to remove entities, negative energy and or attachemnts, a charge will apply. please call for details. Email the photo or photos to:

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